20 Mph Rc Speed Boat With 30 Minutes Run Time

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Color: Black
Pack Of: 1
Sale price$111.38


Super fast 20 mile per hour water cooled motor, this 2.4 GHz speed boat comes with rechargeable batteries. Incredibly fast this 20 MPH will glide over the water and waves and give hours of fun. It has a patented re-flip system in case the boat turns over. Just pull and push the throttle and the boat will self write itself. With an astounding 450 feet range you can play with this boat on a large pond. The 2.4 Ghz remote allows up to 49 players in the same area to play with no interference. Run it with the surf and it will skip over the top , run it against the surf and it will jump out of the water like a Salmon swimming up the river. The boat has tail lights for night play. Extended play time for the boat is achived by a 3000 mah battery that give is a solid 25-27 minutes of play time per charge.

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