A JEWEL IN THE SANDS OF TIME (A Freddy Malone adventure)

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Clive Mantle's
Freddie Malone Adventures
When Freddie Malone receives a mysterious map from his Uncle Patrick,

it opens the door to an incredible world of time-travelling adventures.
A page-turning series that delivers action, history and adventure! (Age 8+)

A Jewel in the Sands of Time
When Freddie's map sends him back in time to ancient Egypt,

he discovers a terrible plot against the boy king, Tutankhamun.

Join Freddie, Connor, and their feisty new neighbour, Ruby, as a
dangerous figure threatens to foil their efforts to save the young pharaoh .

About the author
Clive is a much-loved British actor, with appearances from Thomas the Tank Engine
to HBO's Game of Thrones. His inspiration to write came on a charity trek to
Everest Base Camp.

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