A Kids Book About Feminism

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Quick Take
Everyone is equal, no matter what their gender.
For Ages 5+
What's Inside
This is an unapologetic take on feminism as a thing that everyone can embrace, no matter their gender. It tackles ideas around equality, bias, and discrimination because of gender. It also empowers young girls and boys to embrace feminism and show up for others when they're being treated unfairly.
About the Author
Emma Mcilroy is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wildfang. Wildfang is one of the fastest growing retail brands in the USA and exists to help every kind of woman become the best possible version of herself, smashing gender roles and the patriarchy in the process.
Giving Back
A percent of proceeds from this book go to Girls for Gender Equity.
Book Details
Hardback Size: 8in. x 10in.
ISBN: 978-1-951253-02-8
Printed in the USA
eBook Format: EPUB
eBook ISBN: 978-1-951253-09-7
eBook Compatibility: iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices
64 Pages
Copyright 2019
Designed in Portland, Oregon

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