AIRfeet OUTDOOR O2 Insoles

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Size: S (M 3.5-6.5 W 5-8)
Pack Of: 1
Sale price$34.57


AIRfeet OUTDOOR O2 utilize our Dynamic Arch Support Technology.
Without a doubt a "must have" for those with rugged outdoor lifestyles.
It's close cousin the "TACTICAL O2" is supporting 160+ Army & Airforce locations globally.

4 Unisex SKUs.
- S (M 3.5-6.5; W 5-8)
- M (M 7-9; W 8.5-10.5)
- L (M 9.5-12.5; W 11-14)
- XL (M 12.5W-15.5; W 14W-17.5)

SNIP & UNZIP trimming provides the customer with the most intelligent yet simple method of trimming to their size if needed.

- Plantar Fasciitis, Comfort, Flat Feet, Neuropathy, Foot & Knee Pain, Back & Hip Pain.

Designed For:
- Standing, Walking, Working, Hiking, Hunting, Living

- 80% Dynamic Arch Support,
- Feather Light,
- Wicking Upper Fabric,
- Super Thin,
- Reversible,
- Machine Washable,
- FSA/HSA Eligible,
- Compliments Orthotics
- 6 Month Warranty

Polyester Upper and Lower wicking fabric
Patented TPU Air Chamber Design

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