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Brushing your hair is not just good for detangling matted hair.
Brushing your hair massages your scalp, stimulates blood flow which increases hair growth and helps the natural oils from your scalp spread to the rest of your hair, leaving it shiny and strong.
This beautiful brush is made from bamboo, a renewable fast growing plant and natural rubber from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis. Products made from bamboo have been shown to be either carbon neutral and some even carbon negative over their lifetime. It comes in a 100% cotton bag.
How to care for your brush
With a moist cloth wipe the brush and the bristles to remove any build-up. These brushes do not have the small epoxy ball tips on the bristles which makes it a lot easier to clean. :)

Return & Refund Policy

All unused products can be returned within 20 days of purchase with proof of payment (receipt). Item must be in good condition and in its original package. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees incurred by return.

Shipping Info

All orders are shipped using minimal amounts of packaging material. I reuse newspaper for padding, reuse clean boxes and seal them with water activated paper tape.
Products are shipped within 3 business days of order placement.

Additional Shipping Info

We package every order using absolutely no plastic. We opt for reusing cardboard boxes when available and using recycled tissue paper, water activated paper tape, single faced corrugated cardboard and old magazines and junk mail for padding. We collect all of these from our neighbors, family and friends and we use only what is necessary to keep your shipment safe during transport.

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