Barnabas Racer: Arduino-Compatible 2WD Servo Motor Car Kit

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The Barnabas Racer is a continuation project for the Barnabas-Bot. This robot is a car that is able to think and act on its own. Students will be review concepts from Barnabas Bot (circuits, coding, mechanical build) and will also be introduced to sensors! This kit includes: electrical parts, continuous servo motors, a car chassis and a motor controller.

Recommended Ages: 11+

Kit Contents:

* 1 x Barnabas Noggin (Arduino-based controlled)
* 1 x 2WD Metal Chassis
* 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
* 2 x Continuous Servo Motors
* 1 x Bread Board
* 1 x LED
* 1 x Buzzer
* 1 x 4-Pin Button
* 6 x Resistors
* 15 x Male to Male Jumper Wires Bundle
* 1 x 9V Arduino battery plug
* 1 x 9V battery
* 3 x Zip Ties
* 1 x Philips Head Screw Driver
* 1 x Bag of Assorted Screws and Nuts
Tutorial Videos (7-Sessions, Text-based Coding):


* Full Curriculum (12-16 hrs)
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