Bat Wings! Cat Wings

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Format: Hardcover
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Bats have wing, but do cats? No, of course not! In this entertaining book designed to both instruct and delight, young audiences encounter actual animal traits paired with impossible ones. Or what if they're not all far-fetched?

Ages 3 5

Fiction, 16 pages, 2021

ISBN 978-1-56846-374-2


This very cute book is full of surprises! There isnt a real story here. Rather, each double-page spread shows two different animals. One side of the page shows an animal with something that is normal for it, and the facing page shows an animal whose name rhymes with the first animals name, but which has a different sort of body part. This entertaining book is sweet to read with a toddler. The last page adds a surprise smile. Anyone who loves animals, or enjoys reading with a young child who does, will find this to be a great book for introducing domestic animals and for showing children the differences between animals. Buy this book for the funny title and cover, especially if cats are a favorite animal. Then, keep it because of how absolutely adorable it is.

-Children's Literature, September 2021

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