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Color: Blue
Pack Of: 1 pack of cut sample
Sale price$5.06


Welcome to your one stop shop for all of your beauty needs

Our African net sponges and high quality wash sponges that help exfoliate dead skin from body leaving skin feeling and looking clean, soft and glowing. Each sponge is designed in a authentic net style to prohibited bacteria growth unlike every day wash clothes or lofahs these net sponges do not hold bacteria.

Each order includes:

Multiple quantity options available
Each net sponge comes in sperated clear wrapping, ready for direct shelf sales.
Multiple color options
Width: 28cm
Length: 80cm
MOQ: 50pc
Samples are available

How to use:
Wet net sponge, apply soap of choice, lather and wash body. While washing the net sponges will gently exfoliate the skin to rid the body of dead skin cells, dirt etc. After bathing rinse net sponge throughly before hanging to air dry.

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