BFF Duo Nail Polish (2 Piece Set)

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Color: Buddies
Size: 2 X 5ML
Pack Of: 1 full set (2 pieces)
Sale price$10.63


For you and your BFF!
Kids want to show off who their besties are... and what better way to show off than matching their nails with our gorgeous colour duos.

Beauties: shimmery ballerina pink & red with gold glitter
Besties: shimmery purple & shimmery magenta
Buddies: coral glitter & silver glitter
Cuties: shimmery orange & orange with gold glitter
Hunnies: shimmery magenta & blue with green undertone
Sweeties: hot shimmery pink & sheer pink with multi colour sparkles
Twinnies: creamy turquoise & shimmery baby blue
Limited Editions:
Sun-Kissed: red with gold glitter & gold glitter
Evergreen: shimmery white & green
Glimmer Glam: Silver glitter & multi color confetti

Set Includes: 2 x 5ml Nail Polish

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