Blend Cocktail Texturizer

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Size: 2 oz
Pack Of: 1
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Pre-mixed cocktail of two sidlab haircouture favorite products, fabric and clay. Using naturally derived Canadian glacial clay, castor oil, and beeswax, this mix provides shine and separation, shape and definition and gives you ultimate sculpting and taming control. blend texturizer is paraben free to promote health. "the perfect cocktail" Use to sculpt, tame and control. Adds shine and separation, shapes and defines.
WHAT'S IN IT: Canadian Glacial Clay: 100% natural product with trace minerals including sodium, which is a natural cleanser and aids hydration, magnesium which acts as a toner and helps retains moisture, potassium with has anti-bacterial properties, sulfate which works with potassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin. Castor Oil: Good lubricity and biodegradability. An attractive alternative to petroleum derived lubricants. Beeswax: Emulsifier that increases volume, gives hair softness and adds gloss.
HOW TO USE IT: Rub product between fingers, apply to layers and texture you wish to highlight. Pro tip: Reactivates with water. Get hair wet and restyle.

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