Color: Yellow
Size: 2 OZ
Pack Of: 1
Sale price$15.19


Replenish- Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense Blessed Balm Harnesses Serious Plant Power To Produce Radiant, Youthful, Supple Skin. The Plants Used In This Slave Provide Emollient And Protective Properties. It Not Only Hydrates Skin, It Helps The Skin Retain That Hydration.
Suitable For Everyday Use, This Is An Excellent Go-To Goo. Blessed Balm Has Regenerative And Anti- Aging Properties. This Salve Is A Great Choice For All Skin Types. It Is Especially Beneficial For Mature Skin. In Conclusion, Blessed Balm Kinda Rocks . . . .Like A Lot.

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