Cold Process Soap Bar

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Pack Of: 20
Scent: Citrus blossom
Packaging: Naked
Sale price$121.50


Weight 100g

One pack contains 20 unwrapped soap bars of the chosen scent.

You will receive a display card that contains all of the information you will require for example ingredients and usage instructions etc. We can also provide this electronically if you are planning on creating your own labels.

These Cold Process Soap Bars are handmade in our Workshop in Devon in small batches. Each bar is hand-cut and hand swirled meaning no two bars will ever be identical. We choose to use high-quality oils and butters such as Cocoa butter and Almond Oil so that not only do these bars leave you feeling clean but all provide the skin with a moisture boost. The bars are also enriched with oats and clay so provide a gentle exfoliation. This product is Vegan-Friendly, cruelty-free and there are no animal ingredients used in our workshop

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