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In this illustrated board book, a counting exercise is built around the birth and growth of common songbirds, from one single nest to a family flapping ten wings in flight.


Little ones are encouraged to count from one to 10 as they watch a trio of birds grow from eggs in a next to fledglings to birds in full flight. "One nest" with three eggs sits on the branch of an oak tree. "Two birds" are taking turns keeping the eggs warm. And so readers are introduced to numbers one and two as well as the beginning of life for these birds. The charming mixed-media illustrations, set against a clean white background and using plenty of fresh, spring green, follow the progress of the eggs as they hatch. The hatchlings open three wide mouths ready for food. "Four, five, six eyes" watch as the parents bring all sorts of insects to feed them. The next spread will keep readers on their toes, as six legs holding on to the branch are depicted, but it is "seventhen all eighttoes" that are taking hold. It will take "nine days" for the fledglings to develop, test, and clean their flight feathers. In the last spread, as the family soars over the trees, "ten wings flap and sail across the sky." In each spread, the appropriate numeral or numerals, circled to attract attention, are placed close to the written number words. This is a sweet combination of counting and very beginning ornithology.

Kirkus Reviews , July 2017

The nesting activities of a pair of common songbirds and the subsequent birth, feeding, and first flight of their three fledglings offer a counting exercise for young listeners. Warm green, brown, and yellow tones illuminate the wooded landscape.

School Library Journal , July 2017

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