Creamy Body Wash - Almond Milk & Chia

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Color: Almond milk & chia
Pack Of: 1
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Silky smooth almond milk blends with tangerine, coconut cream, chia seeds and whipped musk. Is what you're looking for a warm love to give your skin some extra TLC? Look no further than our Almond Milk and Chia Collection. Made from the sweet scent of almond milk and chia seeds, this collection is perfect for those who want a bit of softness to go with their hardworking hands. It's the perfect way to spoil yourself while pampering your little ones. Creamy Body Wash Our creamy body wash is made with moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, and silky throughout your day. Feel unconditionally soft with an all-over silky feel, including the smoothest skin ever. Your skin will thank you with every use. Shipping and Return Policy: Due to the perishable nature of our skincare products we do not accept returns and exchanges. Ships out within 2 business days

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