Cubles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Retro Series 1: 3D Paperboard Constructable | Build-Your-Own, Ages 10 and Up | 100% Recyclable

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Type: Leonardo
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CUBLES are fun, educational, and entertaining! As a learning toy, these STEM toys spark imaginations, help kids develop fine motor skills and enhance critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills. As a fidget toy, it keeps hands busy! How It Works: First, simply pop out and begin folding the paper pieces, similar to origami. Next, match up the numbers and solid colors, like a puzzle, to start creating a 3D figure, like a toy building set. Finally, use our patented oekey? to connect the pieces, which enables the completed characters to remain intact, move around and come to life-like action figures! And best yet? no scissors, tape or glue is needed! Save money by purchasing bundled multi-packs, enough for a classroom learning activity, party favors, or prize box toy.

CUBLES are many things: a stimulating 3D learning and educational STEM toy, puzzle, origami, craft, challenging brain teaser, collectible, building activity. Completed figures are even movable!

Easy Assembly: Pop out the pre-cut paper pieces. Fold and tuck following our simple numerical and color-coded system. Our patented oekey? connects the 3D piece, enables movement and brings them to life. No scissors, tape or glue is needed!

Gift for all Ages: From kindergarten up to adults. Great for a gift, stocking stuffer, teacher(TM)s award, Halloween treat, Easter basket, prize, party favor or on a road trip. Compact packaging even fits in an oversized greeting card!

Learning & Education Toys: Put CUBLES on the top of your school supplies list! These STEM toys help kids develop their fine motor skills and enhance critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills by learning to visualize flat objects in 3D. CUBLES make a great learning activity or prize box toys. Definitely a classroom must have!

Award-winning and Made in the USA! Recognized by NAPPA Parents Awards as a best in STEM activity and awarded a Pop Insider Geeky Gift Award, all CUBLES are made of 100% recyclable paperboard and manufactured with love in St. Paul, Minnesota. Plus, for every tree used to create CUBLES, CUBLES plants 100 more!

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