Dream of Sensational Oats Soap Bar

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Color: Cream
Size: 3oz Bars
Pack Of: 12 Bars
Sale price$70.88


Oatmeal Honey is a classic combination, and our soap is sensitive enough to use on small children. The familiar aroma of rosemary and thyme lingers throughout this bar!
Oatmeal is a skin softener, making it perfect to reduce dry and sensitive skin. Oats are also naturally moisturizing, especially when paired with healing honey. Honey seals in moisture and hydrates the skin.
Benefits: Soothes skin irritations and breakouts, moisturizes, reduces itchy skin, regulates Eczema, Antibacterial
Good for: Full body, Sensitive skin, Children, Problem Skin, Dry Skin All skin types
Made with all-natural ingredients for quality skin care.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, D Oatmeal, Raw Honey

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