Dry Calendula Flowers

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Calendula flowers are orange and yellow flowers, they are well known for their abilities to soothe and repair skin. They contain vitamins and nutrients which promote good skin health. Use them to make Calendula infused oil which you can use on your skin directly or include in your skin care recipes to add these benefits to balms, body butters and more. These dry flowers are also fantastic for adding fragrance and exfoliation to soaps, bath salts and face masks. Calendula flowers are in the daisy family called Asteraceae. They are native to Asia, Western Europe and the Mediterranean including Egypt which is where our Calendula Flowers are sourced from. The Calendula flower has a long honorable history with many using these flowers for its beneficial properties. Specifically, calendula was used in personal care applications and in soothing remedies and balms. Calendula flowers are bright orange and yellow in color and have a natural earthy smell.

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