Fabric Texturizing Fibre

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Size: 2 oz
Pack Of: 1
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Fabric texturizer has a high microfiber content for runway style mobility. fabric texturizer uses castor oil to separate and lubricate hair and beeswax to emulsify and increase volume. Combined with natural preservatives, this styling product gives your hair mobility, shine, and gloss perfect for the runway. fabric texturizer is paraben free to promote health. "hair is fabric" Provides shine and separation perfect for runway style mobility. Adds volume, separtes layers and smooths styles.
HOW TO USE IT: Emulsify product between fingers, tap them repeatedly and watch fibers fly! Apply layers with finger tips, add texture as desired by separating and twisting product into hair. Add to layers or areas you wish to highlight.
WHAT'S IN IT: Castor Oil: Good lubricity and biodegradability. Beeswax: Emulsifier that increases volume, gives hair softness and adds gloss.

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