Non-Greasy Hair Styling Pomade For 360 Waves

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Scent: After dark wave pomade
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Show Off Your 360 Spin All Day Long

Our organic hair &wave hair pomade is used for conveniently training your hair to achieve the perfect 360 waves around the crown area of the head. The magical combination of raw shea butter, mango butter, and key essential oils nourishes your hair while providing a good hold to form deep waves. It is an oil-based product that is great for keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Get those beautiful waves without leaving a heavy greasy buildup on your hair.

A Natural And Safe Product For Your Hair

Our wave hair pomade contains only raw ingredients & essential oils to make a quality oil-based solution that is safe for everyday use for your hair. This product does not contain any artificial preservatives, chemicals, alcohols, emulsifiers, or water-based solutions. The natural ingredients in this product make it safe to use in long run without damaging your beautiful hair.

  • This is an organic product
  • Apply on wet hair for styling your wave conveniently.
  • It is made from natural organic ingredients.
  • For a stronger hold on to your wave style, do 3-4 dabs of pomade on your hair.


For the best training results, brush your hair while it is damp or fresh out of the shower, then apply 2-3 dabs of pomade to lightly cover your head. Continue brushing around the crown to enhance your desired wave pattern and finally tie your durag to seal in your style.

Use more wave pomade for a greater hold as your hair gets longer or if you decide to start the ,?wolfing,? process. You can always apply this 360 Wave Pomade directly to your hair wet or dry to still give you that Black Lavish Essentials shine and keep your waves spinning all day long.


Wave Check using Wave Pomade from Black Lavish Essentials

Scents & Fragrances

Available in:
Lemon Citrus
Cool Breeze
Money Mango



Please be advised that this product may melt due to warm temperatures above 85 degrees. It can be refrigerated to restore its original form if melting occurs.

*If necessary, store Black Lavish Essentials Wave Pomade in a cool area when not in use.

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