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NO PLASTIC: The Montessori numbers puzzle is lovingly made of high-quality solid wood and does completely without plastic " even the packaging! All numbers, shapes and rings are stored in the cotton bag!

?? SAFE & TESTED: This wood sorting toy exceeds the strictest European and American safety regulations for childrens toys and wooden blocks. Non-toxic water-based painting and sustainable forestry wood ensure a safe and natural learning experience for 3+ year old kids!

"? PLAYFUL LEARNING: By matching numbers to quantities with color sorting rings, basic mathematical understanding is promoted in play with this natural preschool math toy. Also Ideal as educational support for homeschooling!

^ COLORFUL AFTER MONTESSORI: This wooden toddler toy promotes the understanding of numbers in a colorful, child-friendly and pedagogical way after Montessori. An ideal wooden rainbow puzzle for preschool, as healthy entertainment at home " also recommended for kids with all level of autism!

1/4 GUARANTEED FUN: The wooden color sorting puzzle playfully promotes counting, motor skills, creativity and concentration of toddlers. Also as a gift " for birthday, kindergarden, preschool or Easter " a wonderful idea!


There is something that accompanies us already in the early infancy and what the human brain constantly wants to find out:
Logical connections!

No matter whether it is the doubling of an object or the division or the assignment of shapes and outlines or the combination of numbers and quantities.

Numbers and mathematical connections have always attracted people and usually, it is enough to easily support this natural inclination by offering colorful and child-friendly tools that support this in a playful way.

Because children enjoy learning and they should keep it!
But not only the basic mathematical understanding can be promoted in a playful way, but also the fine motor skills, concentration, and the interaction of both brain hemispheres are stimulated through logic and creativity in a playful way.


The intuitively improvising right hemisphere of the brain discovers new connections and play possibilities, while the analytically rational left hemisphere of the brain deals with quantities, numbers, and the assignment of shapes to their outlines, whereby both hemispheres of the brain are playfully connected with each other and become active.

This is exactly what our wooden number puzzle promotes and it supports the logical and mathematical basic development as an important component in the holistic development of our children.

Recognizing logical connections is undoubtedly one of the activities that not only promote motor skills and analytical stimulation but also have an integrative effect and are simply a lot of fun!

Who cant get excited about their own or close children discovering new connections while playing and having so much fun doing so?

Playing together, having and implementing ideas, and sharing all this with friends and family brings endless joy and connects not only children and their parents but also children of different ages.

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