Razzle Dazzle D.I.Y. Mini Gem Art Kit

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Pack Of: 1
Option: Cutesy cat
Sale price$6.08


Using the included gem art kit, you can give this bouncy bunny a glint in her eye, some shimmer on her cute lil' nose, and a touch of dazzle to her cheeks. It's a super fun DIY project that truly shines! The gem art set includes bouncy bunny artwork, 6 packs of crafting gems, 1 wax application pencil, and a gem tray.
o 1 Razzle Dazzle DIY Mini Gem Art Kit - Bouncy Bunny
o Includes artwork, 1 gem tray, 1 wax pencil, and 6 gem packs
o Suitable for ages 8 and up

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