Stickiville Standard

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Pack Of: 1
Option: B.f.f. foods (textured matte paper)
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A party isn't a party if there aren't balloons! And a sticker party isn't a sticker party without these darling animal balloon stickers! Designs on this sticker sheet include an adorable collection of balloon animals like cutie-pie dogs, turtles, snails and more. Plus, these stickers are thick with a puffy effect that'll get extra attention. Get your journal, diary, notebooks, and lunch box ready for some serious sticker action!
oStickiville Animal Balloon stickers
oDesigns feature a variety of different balloon animals like a dog, teddy bear turtle, and more
oIncludes one sticker sheet of animal balloon-themed stickers
oPuffy stickers that really stand out
oSuitable for ages 3 and up

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