Stretch Slug Stress Reliever Hand Toy, Sensory

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The new colorful 3D articulated slug toy is fashionable and beautiful. It is also made of high quality plastic material with eco-friendly materials. Safe and durable enough for children to play with. 3D printed toys are smooth and very flexible to the touch. It can also be used as a key holder, so you can wear it all the time.
Funny Attractive Toy: The snail toy can rotate 360 degrees, has a total of 13 joints, and is very flexible. Highly realistic 3D scanning molding, cute appearance and vivid colors. The flexible snail toy can be held in your hand and roamed around the office, home, library, train station or even as a travel toy.
STRESS RELIEF: Do you feel stressed or tense? just play it. This wriggling snail toy will soothe your soul and bring you instant peace. Effectively eliminate stress and anxiety caused by long hours of work or study. It's also an effective ADD, ADHD, and OCD toy to help your child relax and focus.
VERSATILE: The rainbow decompression toy not only relieves

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