Sweet Dreams Overnight Gel Masque

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The struggle is so real when it comes to redness and skin inflammation. Wouldn't it be so nice to wake up to refreshed and rejuvenated skin on the reg? No more having to paint your face green with color corrector and using a ton of concealer to mask your redness.

Calming redness and irritation is just one night's sleep away! Waking up to a brighter, soothing complexion is possible. You start your day off on the right foot, your skin should too.

Aloe Vera mixed with Bamboo extract has highly anti-inflammatory proprieties to naturally calm skin, and this jar of goodness is filled with it. But just calming irritation isn't our only goal. We blended the latest in peptide technology, with some other classic peptides to promote new cell growth, combat aging and give skin a youthful glow. We also added powerful bacteria-fighting ingredients that fight the bacteria common with acne.

Are you a fan of our Perky Spray? Well, we love our little miracle ingredient, Argireline, here at Kismet, so we threw that into this beautiful jar! So if you are one of the many who have seen results from Perky, then grab a jar quick, it will not disappoint.

But the best part? It is safe enough to use nightly. So you can wake up day, after day with glowing, beautiful skin.

To Use: After cleansing your face, apply the Sweet Dreams Gel Masque prior to bedtime. Use liberally, after using your toner and Unblurred Serum. Once dry, follow with a hydrating moisturizer. Rinse in the morning.

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