The Dog with No Name - Humorous, dog-digging, dinosaur-finding adventure (Age 7+)

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Humorous, dog-digging, dinosaur-finding adventure, highlighting the good and bad realities of dog ownership.


When Ella and Harry finally persuaded (well, nagged endlessly!) their parents to let them have a dog, they could never have imagined what a hole they had all dug for themselves! The realities of dog ownership are quickly brought to life when, after a visit to the Dog Rescue Centre, they end up taking 'the dog with no name' home. Poo duties have to be adhered to, along with obedience training, and as for grooming their new pet, it's a task like no other. But it's the dog's passion for digging, and the discovery of what appears to be a dinosaur bone, that leads him to more than just fame! 7+)

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