Turmeric & Honey Black Soap Bundle

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Set: Turmeric & honey black soap
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Turmeric and Honey Black Soap

Make daily cleansing a treat with this Turmeric and Honey Black Soap. Its unique ingredients of turmeric and honey promote clear, smooth, and healthy skin.

Turmeric and honey come together to make this supremely soothing bath and body product, with exfoliating properties to make your skin feel smooth and refreshed. This product leaves your skin feeling soft and even-toned.

The Turmeric and Honey Black Soap is designed to treat your skin with natural ingredients. The ingredients will not only clean your skin but also strengthen the natural glow. Use this soap to brighten the skin and lift the spirit.

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You can use this with your everyday face cleaning routine or simply showering by lathering the Turmeric and Honey Black Soap into a wet towel or loofah and scrubbing in circles for 60 seconds. Rinse. Repeat.

We recommend placing the soap in a soap holder or case to prevent wet soap from running down the sink or ledge.

This soap pairs very nicely with our whipped or scented body butter products to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.


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All-natural ingredients: Our soap is an indulgence that reflects your dedication to quality. Turmeric and Honey Black Soap is enriched with the most natural ingredients. Turmeric, honey and essential oils are used in this soap to help treat the skin without causing any skin irritation. Suitable for all skin types.

Turmeric is very good for skin: Turmeric is a wonderful ingredient to add to soaps because it has skin benefits, among these benefits is the ability to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and other skin imperfections by fading them. In addition to this, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for people who want to keep their skin looking clear and smooth.

Versatile: The soap is for all skin types and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It is a wonderful addition to your organic skincare routine. You can use this soap as a face soap, body soap, shaving soap, and even for babies and teenagers.

Keeps your skin glowing:With a unique blend of active ingredients, it cleanses effectively and helps enhance the skin's elasticity. These help keep your skin soft and glowing for longer.

Let the luxury of this soap become a part of your daily routine and experience a soft, invigorating clean.


For sensitive skin, it is recommended that you begin with a skin patch test before fully using this black soap. Lather a little soap on your arm or leg and let it sit for 60 seconds before rinsing it off. If you feel excessive irritation rinse off the soap immediately.

Average soap weight ranges between 5.5-6oz.

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