Urinary Tract Relief and Pomegranate Extract Combo Pack

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Urinary Tract Reflief

Urinary Tract Relief is scientifically formulated to arrest the underlining cause of UTI and give fast relief naturally without the harm of chemical drugs.
Fight the urinary pain and chronic burning sensation right away.
URINARY TRACT RELIEF does the following:
?EUR? Works as a Diuretic
?EUR? Acts as an Antibacterial Agent
?EUR? It Cleans and Disinfects!
?EUR? Boosts Your Immune System
?EUR? It Soothes and Protects Your Urinary System

Pomegranate Extract

These pomegranate extract capsules are a pure way to get the nutrients your body needs along with helping you lose weight. The dietary supplement capsules are full of antioxidants, which help reduce belly fat and slow down aging. The capsules can also help to boost the immune system and regulate the digestive system.

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