Rosemary Mint Lotion Bar

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Just throw one in your purse, desk or by the bed. Soften up those rough elbows and dry heals. Can be used to soothe dry skin or massage in to muscles. They're even great for travel. Comes in a reusable tin with screw top lid.
To use simply warm between hands or rub in to skin. The heat from your body softens the bar. Store in a cool dry area. If left in warm conditions these will melt. Especially if left in mailboxes or cars in warmer climates.
So refreshing and uplifting! Garden-grown Rosemary needles with crushed spearmint leaves combine into an herbal lover's fantasy! Are you tired of the usual "peppermint" for foot scrubs and creams? You have to try this twist on mint!
Ingredients Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Fragrance.

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